Friday, July 16, 2010


Just the other day, Rees went over to do a quick favor for some friends who hadn't been up here for a long while--a bad car accident precluded their being here. While he didn't find the golf clubs he was supposed to put inside, he found another friend and neighbor mowing and weed whacking the yard--so, the long overdue part timers wouldn't have to worry about it when they got here.
That in and of itself is quite selfless but, for Angel Fire, the 85 degrees made it maybe the hottest day of the year--a big task for someone who has been feeling a bit under the weather herself.

Then, earlier this week I went into Taos to deliver a painting (see above!!!) and get my teeth cleaned. Only when I tried to start my car in his driveway, it didn't--start-- that is. So, rather than miss my appointment, my new customer loaned me his truck so I could get to the dentist's office. When I returned an hour later (with my other white knight, Rees) I found my customer had worked on the problem and it was almost solved.

Simple acts of kindness. They make the world better. Thanks.

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