Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crested Butte!

Crested Butte has the most amazing flowers of any mountain town I've ever been in!
This planter was behind my booth.
The crowds were enthusiastic and plentiful.
And how beautiful a venue for a show!
A corner of my wonky booth. It doesn't always pay to set up in the rain. The experience brought new meaning to the title "A River Runs Through It".


  1. I hope beyond setup that your fair experience was dry.

    Did you find out what those wonderful dripping blue flowers in the first planter were? I want some for next year's container gardens.

  2. Jacqui--They were the most incredible lobelia I have ever seen!!!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I'm up in Park City for a couple of weeks, enjoying the cooler weather and timing it especially to take in Kimball. It's fun to see that you'll be there, since I missed you in Scottsdale this past spring. I think you'll love the PC venue - although you MAY get a shower in the afternoon. Usually good crowds, nice people, lovely town with lots of amenities. Looking forward to seeing u,
    JoAnn G. from PHX


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