Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas in Springtime is Heaven

This one is actually Clovis NM--but it is only minutes from the Texas border.
Bluebonnets in Hamilton.
I hate HOT and I hate humidity, both of which you'll get plenty in Texas in summertime. But, in April, Texas is a magical place. The bluebonnets are out, as are the Indian Paintbrush and some cool looking yellow daisy-like follows. Add those to the lush green grass, nice light blue sky and you've got a slice of heaven. Then populate the landscape with horse babies, cows and their calves, a few goats, an occasional cardinal. Perfect. So perfect, in fact, that Rees & I meandered our way home from the Woodlands (we found Hamilton County to be particularly beautiful). Made for a long day of driving but was worth it.

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