Saturday, April 17, 2010


An old bakers rack--great drying rack for finished pieces under 25 inches in any direction. I traded for it with a batch of cookies--to the guy at the dump--excuse me, transfer station. The top corner is held together with duct tape!!! Another of my favorite tools!
Painters tape: great for taping pastel paper to my easel as it doesn't rip the corners when I pull the piece off the easel. Also good for keeping bangs out of eyes--really! Exacto knives with various blades--good for creating fences in panel pieces--just scrape down to the white gesso. Also a good tool if you inadvertently make mud and want to scrape back. The other item is my "smoosher"--the clay shaper tool used to do detail work in clay work--I use to smoosh the color into the paper or to blend colors--better than the pad of my finger!
This computer desk was actually purchased with this purpose in mind. But it was a whole lot cheaper than the pastel tables in the art catalogs. The keyboard drawer is a nice additional space.

Baby wipes!!! The are wonderful for pulling oil pastels off of your hands!


  1. Love your baker's rack. I have studio furniture I got from an artist friend that what going blind. It incorporates a lot of the features you have found not dedicated to art.

    Another useful non-art tool in my studio is cloth adhesive tape. It is acid free like the tape used in matting but a fraction of the cost. I use it not just for matting but to hold tracings to canvas while transferring because it does not leave a residue.

  2. That is a good tip, Jacqui! I'll have to get me some!

  3. I think I have that exact same computer desk. Not in use, in case you need a spare :-)


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