Friday, April 9, 2010

Road Food

The sign says "Acuff" but the wind and weather has eroded the lettering.
Forgot a photo of the salad from the salad bar that came with this light meal of chicken fried steak,gravy and fries--notice the piece of lettuce on the side with the slice of orange--a nice decorative touch.
And, let's not forget the peach cobbler for desert!
All for $6.95. Add a buck for the giant iced tea.

We left for a show in the Houston area yesterday am, about 6:15 am. Drove all the way to Acuff, TX, about 10 miles east of Lubbock for the fabulous home cooking there (recommended by Jeb of We got there with only 20 minutes to spare but it was delicious! If you are ever in the vicinity of Lubbock between the hours of 11 to 2 or 5 to 9, GO THERE! It is worth what it does to your waistline (I'm thinking one piece bathing suit for our May Mexico trip, at this point!, and if I continue with my Texas eating patterns, I may opt for a full-blown turn-of-the-century (from 19 to 20th) bathing costume!)

Then, we finished our drive last night, set up this morning. Watching golf right now before our Art Dash party tonight! I'll try to take some pics at the show to post! Happy Weekend!

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