Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Preparations Underway

We leave early Thursday for The Woodlands Waterway Art Festival. And, I am ready to be outside in some decent weather. I'm hoping there are still some bluebonnets to view! So, the week is spent on a myriad of tasks. Framing. Varnishing paintings--although not too quickly
after the pieces are completed, I found out yesterday. Packing. Applying to shows. Deciding which show to do---although I haven't made a lot of progress on that one--Park City or Minneapolis. Ordering frames and supplies for my return. And, then there is deciding which way to drive to Houston. We can head down 287--we take that route a lot! Or we can go through Lubbock and on down. I'm voting and encouraging this route. And the simple reason is: FOOD. One of my blogger friends, Jeb of junkytrinkets.blogspot.com, posted pictures of the food at Acuff's steak joint just outside of Lubbock and I wanna go there. Good down home Texas style food. Yeah! But on a sadder note, I just found out that Hayes Carll, one of my favorite musicians these days, is still playing at the Spring Crawfish festival (really super close to my show in the Woodlands) on Saturday night. But he doesn't start playing until 10:30 (at night!!!) I'm not sure if I can stay up that late on a show night! I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Acuff Steakhouse.....once you see the outside it may scare you off..hahaha I'll be in Houston this weekend as well. We are taking our state qualifying art students to their state event in Cleak Lake. Have fun and let me know if you eat there.

  2. Dives don't scare me! And good luck to the students--take some pics for your blog!


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