Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foreign Challenges

My sister-in-law is a very gracious hostess--letting me bring my dog and my easel to mess up her tidy house. Both the art supplies and the dog do a good job keeping things messy! But, unlike my studio,with the myriad lights etc, I had to position the easel to take advantage of the natural light pouring in. That put me was directly in front of BOB, her punching bag guy. When I'm actually painting, I don't see him, but he is a great distraction every time I do look up.
One of my other distractions is the above mentioned dogs. Laird has a new dog, within the last few months--a 2 year old terrier type named Zip. I was worried he and Bug might not get along. I needn't have worried, as you can see in the photos. The only challenge came when they both decided to lie under my easel and between my feet, together. So, I'm guessing not as much painting as I had planned.

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