Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Visitors!

My studio got a wonderful visit this week from Jeb & Meredith. I met Jeb through his blog: (which is actually what spurred me on to actually starting one, so thanks, Jeb.) and through some of my Dallas area shows. Through our conversations on our blogs, on facebook, and at the shows, I learned that he, too, has a penchant for color, a love for alt country (hate that description) and great dive food. I've tried some of his restaurant suggestions and I must say, he has great taste! I'd follow his food recommendations any day. And, while my art is a bit more New Mexico-centric where his has got a Texana bent, there is a definite sense of place in both. You should check it out. He's also got an etsy shop for his photographs (something that is also on my list to get started).

He and his family were up here in Angel Fire for a ski trip but they took a little time out to try out my studio. I had fun. I hope he and his daughter did! Maybe they'll come back next time!

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  1. Jennifer, thanks for letting us stop by and check out the studio. We had a great time as well. We'll see you in the DFW area in a few weeks. I found a new spot to eat in Amarillo.....although you may already know about it. Coyote Bluff Cafe ......AWESOME!


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