Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scottsdale Arts Festival

I'm back from the first show of the year. Scottsdale. It was a really nice show--it always is. Really high quality art and good crowds of locals, snow birds and vacationers! I was in my spot near the triangular sculpture--I had great neighbors, perfect weather and good sales. I got to see my cousin Linda and got to visit with "Burk", the retired Sears Executive VP who I wish had been my boss, back in the day. I've spent today packing up paintings and frames for shipping and sending images of other pieces via email. And unloaded the van. Went through my sales receipts so Rees could input them. Unpacked and started the laundry. Walked the dog. Stained the edges of one of my cradled panels for a customer. And, still, I haven't approached the easel. I've got a piece already started from before the show, my specially sized panels arrived for a commission I'm itching to get started, and I've got a list a mile long. But, isn't that always the case. Better than being bored. For sure.

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