Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Onward, to Scottsdale!

I haven't been posting lately. I like to be positive when I'm blogging or posting and just haven't felt that way. But, things are looking up--so I'm back. I've been fighting a lingering cold--but feel much more like myself and a lot less foggy than I have been. In addition to getting a painting done today, I rewrote my artist statement (about time, Miss Procrastinator), I finished --correction, we--finished loading the van so we are ready to leave early tomorrow. And, I am so ready! We haven't done a show since Thanksgiving and I am always feeling house bound by this time.

But, I had tempered my enthusiasm due to a jury summons that arrived last week--for both of us! The summons is/was for tomorrow. And, for those of you who read this and don't live here, jury duty is a convenient 74 miles away in Raton, our county seat. And, the summons was dated February 17 but not mailed until the 24th and we didn't get it until the 28th. We immediately wrote back (not allowed to call) explaining why we'd like to postpone service. But, of course, we heard nothing. But, luck was with us, as we called as required and we do not have to report tomorrow. YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! I had these visions of pleading with the Scottsdale show people (who are really great) to let Rees drive and set up while I did jury duty and then would fly to meet him. Even though the artist's presence is required at the show. I figure these would be extenuating circumstances. But, all my musings and checking on flights etc were not necessary! We have to call back again on March 28th. But, I don't have a show that weekend.so things work themselves out.

And, so, while we've had winter weather advisories, a few inches of snow last night, the forecast for Scottsdale is mid 80s and sunny. Every day. Yes, I've got the spf45 already packed. I'm so excited for the show. It is a beautiful show, held on the very lush civic center grounds. There is a great variety of very high quality art. There is a great mix of locals and snow birders and it looks, from the booth map, that I am where I want to be and have some great neighbors. I've got lots of new work and am excited to see how it is received!!!! Wish me luck!!!

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