Thursday, March 3, 2011

Departures from the norm?

All winter I planned on doing some experiments. And while I did do some successful oil paintings--one of the things I wanted to work on, I managed to leave my venetian plaster and headful of new ideas alone.

And, so, with less than a week before we leave for Scottsdale, I felt the urge to try some different things. Most probably it is a procrastination technique to avoid the framing part of my job!

I'm really pleased with the bright but simple color schemes of these pieces. In fact, most of these were so successful that I actually broke out the venetian plaster and prepped a few panels and canvases, thinking some more texture would be fun to play with. But, I know from working with the oil pastels on canvas that too much texture is not a great combination (at least for me) with the oil pastels. So, time to pull the oils out again. This time I worked with the simple color scheme on top of a burgundy gesso that was painted on top of a layer of venetian plaster. Very fun. I don't yet know if this piece is finished. I'll let you know after I look at it tomorrow. (And, I apologize for posting one of the pics twice. Blogger won't let me delete it....)


  1. You could not delete even by clicking on the photo and using the remove hot link on the extreme right? I have always done it that way or in html edit mode.

    I especially like the gold and red pieces. Both are more restful than the green. But then I don't much like green except as a color to wear. Strange huh?

    I always set aside winter for experimentation and no directions and always seem to end up not having done all I want before it is time to buckle down for fair production. Best of luck in Scotsdale.

  2. These look great! I hope to see them in person in a few weeks.

  3. I don't usually like that kind of acid green, but that duplicate picture has me swooning!


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