Friday, October 22, 2010

That Time of Year: Confessions of an Itinerant Artist

Unless you win an award at a show, you have to apply and jury in if you want to participate. It doesn't matter how many great shows you've been in before, or how many paintings you sold the last time you did a certain show. You basically apply for your job each and every time. It is one part about my job that I don't particularly like.

I like how I draw. I like what I draw. But not all juries do. And that is rough. So, here we are when most of the applications for a bunch of the spring shows are coming due. And this is the time when I start second guessing myself. Wondering which shows might have me. And thinking about other artists whose work maybe doesn't really look like their application images and others who get into just about any show they apply to. And then there is me. I get in sometimes. I've done many of the top shows across the country. And I've done well. But I don't always get in. And that is frustrating. It is a time when I think maybe I should alter my style, or at least prove to myself that I can paint/draw in a slightly different manner.

Usually I do a few pieces that are out on the edge for me and then I realize, all over again, that I like what I paint. The above images are such an experiment. But, I do like elements of these a lot. Even if they are somber and dark. So, some of these elements may show up in my day to day work. And that is a good thing!


  1. there is a good chance I will drive down there in the night and steal the top two paintings. I mean, um, nevermind. If they go missing, it totally wasn't me. just call before you come over, okay?

  2. I too have been playing with my dark side. All those photos I have been taking of dark clouds are making their way into my little studies. And dark themes have sold almost immediately. Is everyone just in a dark mood?

    Always wise to remember not everyone has to like your work. You just have to get it before the people that do. And from my perspective you seem to do very well with that.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    just wanted to say hello AND of course I think your work is Beautiful. I stopped by your booth (twice) at your show in Santa Fe. I was the one going on & on about your night skies & stars. And envying your studio life in the mountains! I didn't realize you had to Jury into each show...
    I suppose it's like having your work critiqued each time. I could see how that would be frustrating, but from looking at your blog- it seems like you kept quite busy at your shows... even having to cancel one 'cause you had sold so much at a previous show. Doesn't sound half bad to me! Your newest work here feels like a shift of seasons from fall to winter... the yellow fields and approaching storms... quite lovely.


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