Thursday, October 7, 2010

Return from Dallas

This is how I felt after 6 days of eating in Dallas--like the largest pig at the Texas state Fair--1201 lbs!
Got a chance to visit with Rees' Uncle Bill & Aunt Shirley in Waxahachie!
Now I know where horse tail braid comes from!
The tallest ferris wheel in the western hemisphere at 212 feet--it wasn't even scary! But it does beg the question "What is the tallest one in the eastern hemisphere?"
The pumpkin carving was incredible!

So, we arrived in Dallas a day early for the Cottonwood show and I dragged Rees & his sister, Laird to Canton for the biggest flea market I had ever seen. I didn't bring anything home (this time) but it was really fun to see. Plus, we found a really good diner place that had a mostest wonderful chicken fried steak!

The Cottonwood Art Festival was wonderful--perfect weather--which is quite unusual for this show.

Then, on Monday, we went to the Texas State Fair where I consumed my annual Fletcher's corny dog--really, there is no other that is as good!

A visit to a client home on Tuesday while Rees golfed and then dinner with dear friends, Don & Judy Lambert. And, then it was time to leave--just in time too as JuneBug's nails had worn down to almost the quick from all her fetching/jumping in Laird's pool!

Real blogging starts tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics, Jen. They are just great!


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