Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comfort Food--Jen pancakes

We had "jen" pancakes for brunch today. They are more commonly known as Swedish pancakes. When I was a little girl, mom would make these for us before she and dad were going out on a Saturday night. So she wouldn't get frying butter bits on her good clothes, she'd come downstairs with makeup on, in her hose and in her navy blue slip and cook us the pancakes, then go up and put on her dress.

I felt like them this morning. So we made 'em. Yum! And easy, peasy!

Mix well in a bowl:
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup flour
dash salt
2 eggs---that is the recipe for one person

Get a frying pan hot, then add good butter--organic unsalted from Pastureland Coop was delish!, get the butter brown, then pour in batter--small amounts and roll around the pan--the batter, not yourself! They cook a bit like crepes. Flip. Turn out on plate. Make another one, and another. (The amounts above make 3 plate sized cakes--enough for 2 for me and one for the dog!) I like lemon and powdered sugar on them. Bug (my dog) doesn't like the lemon. As a kid, I always also liked raspberry jam in the mix. Eat in cut up bits or roll up!


  1. Yum! I'll have to try it.
    What do you mean we're not supposed to roll around in the pan?

  2. these are so great for the kids - thanks for reminding me of the recipe!!


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