Monday, October 11, 2010


It is that time of year--when the elk are bugling, when the aspens take on their autumn glow, when my show schedule has become much more manageable. It is also one of my favorite times to go traipsing around New Mexico, to take more pics of the landscape that inspires me. My work is based on the real places of northern New Mexico but I have been known to use my super-human powers to move a building forward in a composition, or to delete the propane tank and the old auto up on blocks (unless, of course that car is a truck and turquoise and from the 50s or before!).

The photos I have posted above are pretty good examples of the types of reference photos that I use. They are not perfectly "shot". I generally don't even stop the car (or van) although I may ask Rees to drive a little more slowly so I can get a few more burst shots while we drive by. In fact, I most prefer using my little Sony Cybershot, which we got after the van was vandalized in St Louis 2 falls ago to replace a little Exalim. I absolutely HATE the un-intuitive menu on the Sony but you can really take some decent shots with the "burst" feature.

So, we're off later today to do a little scouting about, along with doing a quick grocery run in Taos, and see the Taos Fall Arts Festival--Taos Invites Taos and the Taos Open. I hope I get some good shots. I'll share some of them with you. And, hopefully, I'll be inspired!

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