Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Music From Angel Fire

2 of Ida's dogs
(Ida Kavafian, artist director and "fiddle" player, leading one of the doggy hikes--she also raises champion vizslas!)

I know. I've not been posting. And, I promise I will get better. But the reality is that it is pretty unlikely for the next week. Currently, the Music From Angel Fire chamber music festival is taking place in Angel (and some surrounding towns). And, it makes for a very busy time. Between going to many of the concerts and getting in some studio time, we've had out of town visitors, catching up to do with some of the musicians, an almost daily hike with musicians and friends, a golf tourney, friends over for dinner, etc. I'm sure I couldn't keep this pace for any length of time. 2 1/2 weeks of the festival is plenty!

What amazes me most about this festival is that it takes place here. We are a pretty little place but really not on the map, so to speak. Then we get the MOST amazing musicians who come and participate in the festival. They are an inspiration to pursue excellence in whatever field you work in! I thank them for being here.

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