Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost Church

This church was one of the first ones I ever painted. It was the basis for my first Collector's Guide ad. And this is the only photo I have of it. And I can't find it. Twice this summer, Rees & I have driven out of our way to look for it so I could get more images to work from. Nope. Not there. Nada. It used to be located near the Los Pinos river. To get there, you go into Colorado near Antonito and turn left onto a dirt road that tracks back into New Mexico. But the church is gone. I never got the name of it and I don't know the name of the farming village that it was located in. And I don't know how to go about finding it. Maybe I'll take my lame-o photo--heavily laden with oil pastel smudges on the back and fixative on the front--and show it to someone at a nearby church. Maybe they'll be able to tell me what happened to it. Or, maybe someone who reads my occasional posts might have a better idea. Sure wish I could find it!

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  1. I sometimes think I need a GPS that I can bookmark locations in. I have noticed my new camera has a GPS port and wonder if it allows the marriage of the two for information on photos. Now wouldn't that be nice. Let you know when I read the manual cover to cover.

    But that doesn't help with your lost church or any of my nameless ones that I am sure are named in a sketch book somewhere.

    If you took a photo first and put it on the computer there will be a time and date info that can help you place the trip and narrow the search.


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