Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taos Solar Center

Happy weekend! It is my first one home in a month! And, to top it off, my friend--Dave Bos--has arrived for a short visit. Dave and I have known each other for way too many years. He claims his first memory of me is playing football in my front yard. Yep, we grew up 2 blocks apart and I guess I was occasionally tomboy-ish. I can't remember that. Anyway, Rees & I saw Dave when we were in Reston for the art show in May. Before that, it had been way too long. We had been, over the years, emailing music preferences and info on new bands we had found/liked.

So, as promised Dave arrived for his first visit to New Mexico. Last night we headed in to Taos to the KTAO Taos Solar Center to see Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women. I am a very big,big fan of Dave Alvin and I hadn't seen him with his new band. Dave Alvin sounded great and the band--all women of unbelievable talent--was superb! The only problem was because of early day rain, they had to hold the concert inside instead of out under the mountain. The pic of me & Dave was taken out where we should have been sitting. Next time.

On another note, Dave Bos, is an avid mountain biker. Somehow, he managed to get both me and Rees out for a starter ride this morning. See I haven't ridden a bike in 20 years! (We sadly purchased quasi decent bikes 10 years ago and then I got scared of gravel and breaking my arm and never rode them.) Anyway, I was a bit apprehensive. But, I must admit, I actually had fun. (And think I'll probably try it some more!) Maybe next time Bos gets here, I'll be able to actually ride with him! (Carey, are you reading this?)


  1. have you been on a horse yet?

  2. What a beautiful backdrop for a concert...too bad there was rain.

  3. Ha! I did read it and that's awesome! Bikes are so much fun..keep riding! I'll keep u posted on my plans for Sept..


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