Monday, August 3, 2009

More about Crested Butte

Okay, still no pics. Lazy today. (Well, not really-- I did get a couple of long skinny pieces painted, my Sun Valley Barn sprayed and ready for its varnish layer, 100 Music From Angel Fire posters signed, suitcase unpacked, van dropped off for an oil change, a quick stop at Charlie's for something to eat for the 48 hours we are home, a dog walk and a soak in the hot tub.)

We really enjoyed our time in Crested Butte. It is such a great town and the people are really nice. To say nothing at all of the vast beauty all around.

The show started slowly and I was a bit worried but by Sunday thing shad worked out well and I was a happy camper. Didn't sell much small stuff but I sold a big piece to a local couple who I know will really enjoy the piece. Plus, I enjoyed chatting with them while we were there. Thanks, Jeff & Tiff! Other sales as well so all in all it turned out fine. I really liked my artists neighbors--Teri Pelio across from me was my neighbor last year in Sun Valley--she was across from me, and Barry had some great sculptures right next to me, plus they had their 7 month dog with them who was a dear--made me miss Bug but he sure was nice to pet!
And, I got a blast from the past. My friend, Dave Bos, has a good friend from law school, Marcus, who was vacationing with his family in CB. He stopped by several times and I got to meet his wife, Paula, and his 3 boys--Jackson, Henry & Charlie! Marcus and I had met and had beers together with Dave back in the late 80s, early nineties, in Chicago (and we think listened to some live music although neither of us are for certain about that)--but time flies and really, even though so many years (you can say decades, but I'd prefer years--just lots of them--) have passed we're not all that much different than we were. I hope Dave & Marcus will plan one of their biking outings down here. Rees & I can do our thing during the day, they can bike and then we can have a beer or two and dinner.

As for the Nordic Inn, while it was a slightly older facility, it was actually really nice, as were the owners who were there for breakfast (a great one, by the way) and then actually came out to the show!!
Thanks to them as well!

Off early Wednesday morning for Sun Valley. I'll post more about that soon. Such a great place!

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  1. So great seeing you in CB and I love my piece so much, glad that worked out for both of us, I'll have yours to you soon. Good luck in Sun Valley, can't wait to hear about it.


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