Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is an Abert squirrel--the kind we have a lot of here in Angel Fire. Just learned today that it is spelled Abert and not Hebert...thanks net.
This is a black squirrel. He (she)lives on the white house lawn. I photoed him (her) on our sightseeing in DC. I hope he hasn't met Bo (Beau) yet, the Obama's dog.
This is a white squirrel. They apparently thrive in the town of Olney, Illinois. We got off the main highway and went through town looking for them but failed to actually see any. Maybe next time we drive that way.

We are home from the very lengthy trip to Reston. We did the 1800 plus mile trip in 2 1/2 days. We got to Washington, PA near Pittsburgh Sunday night. Then, Monday we spent the night in Emporia, KS, arriving home Tuesday night. Yeah!!!! I'd hoped to take a lot of pictures of barns but it turns out that in places with more moisture and more trees, the structures are covered by the trees and it is almost impossible to get good shots going 75 miles an hour out the van window. And I wasn't about to ask Rees to slow down, conisdering the distance we had to cover. No matter, gentle followers, I still have plenty of ideas..

Today was my first day back in the studio as yesterday was filled with such tasks as unloading the van, unpacking and doing 2 weeks worth of laundry, sorting show receipts from sales at both the Laumeier show and the Reston show. (That didn't take as long as I would have liked but I am thankful for my sales...I think they were a lot stronger than a lot of artists..) So now we are home for 2 weekends and then head up to Chicago for the 57th street show and then to Salina KS for one more before returning home. This is going to be Memorial Day weekend. We haven't been home for that since 1999--sort of weird!

Oh, yeah, by the way, the guy in the DC photos was my old pal, David Bos. We had so much fun seeing him and now can look forward to his visit in late July!

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