Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resolution Revisions

I'm beginning to think New Year's resolutions are not for me.  They are too vast.  And by setting so many tough resolutions, I feel like I am bound to fail.  So, I'm implementing a new plan.  A monthly revisit of what I want to accomplish.  After all, a year is a long time and I may like the opportunity to change that resolve and those goals.

Studio work is going well.  Mostly oil pastels since I haven't been applying to shows much in the painting category.  I think the work I've been putting out is strong and I have some good ideas of where I would like to take it.  Whether it goes with me is an entirely different story!

After watching a reality tv show about a failing restaurant, I turned to Rees and said "I can't believe this guy doesn't know the costs that go into his bread."  And then I had a moment. A moment when I realized that I did not have a strong handle on the costs of my "products" either.  I did at one time.  But, I've upgraded the frames, my mat supplier has raised his pricing, and frankly, I don't know if my glass costs more now than it used to. In fairness to me, I am not on the verge of bankruptcy.  I am making a decent living. Still, a good business person would have a handle on both fixed and variable costs involved in his/her business.  And, so I am going to calculate those things out. Then, at least I'll know and won't be a pot calling the kettle black the next time I watch that silly tv show....

Oh, and by the way, my new year's resolution of "Being Nice to People" is going pretty well.  I do try to get Rees to answer the phone in case it is a solicitation or something, which would probably elicit a rude response from me.  But, so far, the nice thing has been pleasant.  Tough when I had to hand the receipt over to the anti-theft person at Sam's door on the way out...but I did smile.  Couldn't quite get myself to say anything nice but I did smile.  How is that for resolve!


  1. I love this painting.

    I fortunately did not make a resolution about being nice to un-nice people. But I resolved to treat myself better by hanging out with less of those.

  2. That works, too. I have, in the past, been short, abrupt and sometimes just mean to service people. I'm trying not to do that. And, so far, I've avoided the rude and un-nice. In fact, it is sort of fun to get a smile and a "have a great day" from a cashier...trying to make my own little world one a little nicer to be in....not that I'm planning on going over board, mind you...

  3. I love this painting too. Resolutions - I have avoided the whole resolution and have picked a word for the year. It works great. And my goals are constantly revisited.


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