Friday, February 24, 2012

Better safe than sorry

All winter long I've been drawing away.  Trying to build up my inventory for the upcoming show season.  And since we are leaving for Scottsdale a bit early, to enjoy some sunshine and some R & R.  But now I need to figure out which pieces to frame and /or varnish to take with me and which to leave at home.  They all won't fit in my gynormous Sprinter van.  Additionally, my mind is trying to calculate and remember all the things I'll need in addition to the art.   I leave all my display equipment in the van so I don't need to worry about that part. Clothes, sunscreen (last year I got sun burned through the van windshield on the way down!), bags, wrapping materials, drill, frame kit, show clothes, summer fun clothes, dog stuff, good knives--most rental homes have crappy ones,etc.

Additionally, I've got to figure out where to put all the extra Sprinter parts another artist suggested we carry.  As it turns out, if you need a Sprinter van part and are in the middle of nowhere--a place we spend much of our driving time--most vehicle repair places don't have the parts.  Well, in some cases you might actually miss a show if you can't get the part.  So, thanks to my friend, Scott Swezy, and to Rees who ordered all the parts--we are hopefully prepared for those eventualities.  We've got extra belts, heater hose, harmonic balancers and the like.  Just in case.  But I feel like I now have an auto parts store in my studio!

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