Saturday, January 21, 2012

Would that you could create all the time!

As my "production" season speeds towards show season, I realize how many other things consume my time--time that I'd much rather spend at the easel.

I've been preparing for a "pastel" show at the Scottsdale Exhibition Gallery for the month of February.  I believe there are 5 artists total in the show.  The opening is February 2.  Groundhogs Day.  My favorite holiday.  But, I won't be attending it. Too much else to do.  And, while painting/drawing/coloring for the show was a pleasure.  The other preparation not so much.  First, the taking and editing of all the photographs of prospective pieces.  The titling. The framing.  The photographs of me at the easel.  The rewriting of the bio. And, then the packing! How time consuming that is.  I spent a good half day yesterday just getting the inner boxes of art into the actual shipping boxes!  Egads, someone needs to remind me of all the extra time that takes!   

Additionally, we prepped a photo for a new business card.  Thanks to some of my facebook friends for some great new ideas. 

And, then my mind gets full of show schedule stuff.  If shows are really good, I cannot possibly do all the shows I've been lining up.  But, if they aren't so good, would I have enough inventory to do more? Or if sales are mediocre, should I even bother with some of the lesser ones. It is way to early to tell, but I will be having to send in those booth fees soon.   I've got that crazy optimism--I know the shows will be good and I know I can do them all!


  1. I love this piece Jeninifer! Your work sucks the breath out of my lungs!

  2. Gorgeous! Wish I lived closer to N.M. Cindy in MO


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