Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Crazy Creat-er

Everyone who knows me knows I dive into my projects.  Head first sometimes.  And with purpose.  But, the resulting chaos occasionally becomes overwhelming.   I mean, even when I'm doing something simple like sewing up fleece painting socks...there are bobbins of thread, scraps of fabric, pins, scissors etc...just exploding into the work space.  I would love to be the quiet, organized creat-er, who puts things in their proper place as soon as I am finished with them.  But, that it not me.  And, I'm finally beginning to realize that it won't be me, prolly ever!  So, when the chaos gets to be too much--there is a threshold--I just need to step back and do a bit of I did with my pastel table yesterday.  Whether it results in better art creation or not, it doesn't really matter...Because creating is always more fun when you can find the right colors!!! 

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  1. It looks good....glad you cleaned that mess up! :)


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