Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Songs for You

Lyrics to first verse of Nick Drake's Hazey Jane:

Do you curse where you come from,
Do you swear in the night
Will it mean much to you
If I treat you right.
Do you like what you’re doing,
Would you do it some more
Or will you stop once and wonder
What you’re doing it for.

Hey slow jane, make sense
Slow, slow, jane, cross the fence.

I listen to Nick Drake a lot in the studio. A lot. I think he is fabulous. Hazey Jane came on today and the bolded lyrics are some I think about a lot.  About how lucky I am to love what I'm doing and how I'm gonna do it some more.  I know not everyone gets to do this.  Now, there are parts of what I do that aren't so hot--like setting up and tearing down for shows in bad weather.  But the painting itself is magical.  It is fun.  And then I sell it and get paid for doing it.     And I'm gonna have to do a lot of it because my sales at the Angel Fire show were fantastic and my Santa Fe gallery sold 5 paintings so far this week!  If only I could paint with my toes!

Have a listen: maybe you'll enjoy Nick, too.  Here's the link to youtube!
Nick Drake Hazey Jane

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