Friday, July 1, 2011

Did ya miss me?

All my good intentions just simply shot! I knew it would be harder to post blogs during my summer "touring" season.  But, really, it seems almost impossible.  To top it off, we've got this nasty little fire going here--the Los Conchas fire--the biggest in New Mexico history.  And, I am obsessed with it. Coming home from the Albuquerque show last Sunday night we saw the blaze when it was only 3500 acres (and it had only started that afternoon.)  It is now over 100,00 acres.  Our gorgeous blue skies are marred by ash and smoke.  Fire restrictions (thankfully) have closed the forests and cancelled fireworks.  On a positive note, we've had dribbles of rain--our monsoons are supposed to start soon.  I find myself checking both the and noaa weather sites twice a day at least.  I read my relative humidity readings from my weather station.  I listen to the news updates on the radio and even watch some local news.  It is simply driving me crazy.  I want rain so badly!  I've pulled out the rain stick and done some dances.  I've yelled at the sky.  But, what I've got to do is hope and be thankful for all the people who are so actively involved in fighting the fire.  Reports are good on the progress.  I'll just hope the positivity continues.  And then maybe I can move onto talking about creating art! That is, after all, what I do!    In the meantime, if you have it in your heart, send positive rain thoughts this way! Thank you.


  1. This Fire is both frightening & devastating. Our air quality is terrible here in Santa Fe- the forests are closed, as well as our local trails here in town. I too have been obsessed w/ checking the fire updates, potential hazards from LANL & of course the weather. We need some serious rain....

  2. So not just me obsessing about weather? The vacation rental across the street filled up yesterday with 7 vehicles and about 2 people per. The proceeded to party and smoke on the wooden deck and discuss plans to get around fire restrictions for the barbeque last night.

    I spent the day walking the dogs every couple hours and in between going out with camera to get pictures of flowers.

    They literally circled the wagons (suv's) around the grill and smoked and grilled inside the circle of gas tanks.

    PLEASE, PLEASE let it rain and ruin everyone's vacation. It would make me so happy!


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