Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sun Valley

We've been spending our extra time between the Park City show and the Sun Valley show in beautiful Sun Valley, ID.  This is my absolutely favorite place to do a show. A small show, of only 120 or so artists, it is located  currently at a park in Ketchum.  The venue is beautiful as is the entire area...great hiking trails, biking trails, gorgeous skies and superb rivers. (Too bad the fishing box was missing Rees' fishing boots!) It is a place I would definitely consider living (although the houses I want are just a tad out of my price range!!) and I am the first to say I would never leave New Mexico.  I might for this enchanted place. Then, to top it off, Sun Valley has been good to me over the years and I have gotten to know many of my customers....I think I know as many people here as I do in Angel Fire, or so it seems. We are staying at a great condo just blocks from the park.  So, today, after we take Bug to the pond, we set up for the show and then it is 3 really pleasant days of being a part of a top notch show.  I'll post some pics through out the weekend!  And then it is back to Angel Fire for some studio time!

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  1. Glad that Bug got to go. That for me makes time away that much more enjoyable - fur kid friendly.

    I flirt with Utah but am rather firmly rooted in New Mexico. How nice it would be to have two residences to pop back and forth between.


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