Sunday, February 6, 2011

So, yesterday, after I'd posted about getting lots of art done, I had brain farts. I started a piece, albeit one that was going in a different direction than all the fun stuff I had been doing. And, the result was SO AWFUL that I burned it in the wood stove. While I do occasionally cull through my work and pull things that no longer seems right to me, I rarely toss things on the flame. But, nothing was going to fix that one. So, burned it was. I came in the house and pouted a while--actually listened to a webinar about shipping art. But, I made myself go out and sketch out a new oil. And fill in the starry part. Got that done last night. Then, this morning, I went out full of energy and managed to get this far on this piece. A few highlights to be added once it is a little drier. But, overall, I am pleased. Glad I didn't have to burn this one!

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  1. I believe some times the muse demands a sacrifice. I tore off one canvas this fall off its stretcher bars and am contemplating burning it. Had saved it to tear into little ATC sizes but I think that is the waste not want not in my spirit.

    It may meet the flames this evening.


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