Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scary Cold!

Here in the mountains of New Mexico, we have been experiencing a very mild winter. So mild, in fact, that we'd all been discussing "fire season" already--that time in spring, before the monsoons come, when the forest we live in is most susceptible to fire. We'd had hardly any snow and we do live in a ski resort. And we'd had very little really cold weather. The dog was getting good walks, our boots barely muddy. And then the monster storm hit. We got the predicted 18 or so inches of snow, at least here at my house. And then the cold settled in. Yesterday the high was 4.5 degrees and the temps were below zero when I went out to the studio and when I came in at the end of the day. And then it got colder. According to a friend, the village was reporting 40 BELOW! Knowing it would be cold this morning, I chose to sleep in. When I finally went out to the studio to get a fire going in the wood stove (thank goodness for the supplemental propane heat), it was a balmy 17.5 below. The forecast is for low 20s above zero today, which will seem balmy in comparison to our last few days of hovering around zero and below. I'll wait to walk the dog until this afternoon and I'll enjoy that sunny warm weather! And I'll thank my lucky stars that my commute to the studio is only 8 steps!


  1. Now THAT is cold! We got as low as -15 here in Santa Fe last night... I think the low temps set some records. I slept in, too. Too warm & cozy not to.
    Love your work, Jennifer. Will you be showing again in Santa Fe this year?

  2. What is scary is Taos at the moment. No natural gas. Stores (including wal-mart) are closed. Smiths had frozen pipes.

    The natural gas problem goes clear to Albuquerque where they shut down schools because if the problem. Everyone is using electric space heaters and hopefully they do not overload the electric grid. Already doing rolling black outs in Texas.

    Us rugged individualists are doing pretty good.


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