Sunday, February 13, 2011

Representation at Leslie Flynt

I'm excited to announce that my oil pastels will be available the the Leslie Flynt Gallery in Santa Fe. I brought some pieces down this last week. I'm really excited about this development as I have been without representation in Santa Fe since Blaire Carnahan Fine Art closed several years ago. Don't get me wrong, I love doing art shows: meeting the people who like my work, finding out what they like about it, and selling it directly. But, as a New Mexico artist who paints a lot of New Mexico scenes, I think it is really good to have some representation in Santa Fe. Because, let's face it, Angel Fire is a good 2 hours from Santa Fe and not everyone wants to make that long drive to see me. Plus, I'm gone a lot. So, when Leslie called, I jumped at the chance.

Her store is full of vibrantly colored folk art, painted furniture, and textiles. I think my oil pastels are a great complement to her current product line. If you like color,you will like her place! Her store is located at 225 Canyon Road--at the lower end of Canyon, in the complex with the parking lot. It is actually the same building that Blaire Carnahan Fine Art occupied.

I know this is going to work out well. I'm really psyched about the arrangement! If you are in Santa Fe, please stop by and take a look!!!!

Oh, her website is

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  1. Congrats to you, Jennifer- that's awesome! Will go by & check it out.


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