Sunday, December 12, 2010

short but sweet artist statement: take one

I need to write a short artist statement for the Main St Ft Worth art show and their website. I also know I need to update and revise my full artist statement for displaying at art shows. I don't like doing either. I love to paint (or color) and I don't write much any more and I really don't like writing too much about why I paint what I paint. I just do. I don't really analyze it. The more I paint or experiment or work in the studio, the more ideas I have. It really isn't an organized thought process. So, maybe this is good. I actually have to think about it a little. And maybe it will organize my work efforts a little more. And, hopefully not take away the fun and excitement and fear and accomplishment I feel as I move my art forward. So, while the full blown artist statement was to be accomplished today, I think I have to let the ideas boil and churn around a little. Then maybe I can come up with something fresh.

For my Fort Worth Main Street artist statement for their website: Take one:

I like the way oil pastels—those buttery creamy crayons--engage my senses: the feel, the smell, the look. I use them to create my whimsical landscapes. These drawings are based on places I have captured in snapshots, sketches, memory, and imagination. Once intrigued with a specific subject, I begin with a very loose sketch to create the overall composition, making sure there is rhythm and flow to the piece. Then, I work with line and color to flesh out this enchanted place, in hopes of inviting the viewer to walk right in. Welcome and enjoy.

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  1. this led me to think of something - but I'm going to email it instead of leaving it in the comments. So instead I'll just say that I completely know how you feel - I hate writing any kind of bio or description of myself/what I do. Good luck!


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