Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Chaos and Oils Update

December is always a busy month, despite the fact that I don't do any shows in December. But, with thousands of Christmas cards to write and stamp and send, Christmas shopping to think about and then do, and then the whole decorating bit--yes, Santa Claus has provided me with a tree to decorate. I've got the twinkle lights hung in the kitchen the farolitos/luminaria out on the deck rail, the 2 smallest pine trees in the yard decorated with red ribbons, and garlands hung with red ribbons around the deck posts. But the tree awaits my efforts outside the kitchen door. Maybe tomorrow.

I did do the Rio Grand Arts & crafts show over Thanksgiving. And I always get a bunch of inquiries for pieces as Christmas gifts --and this year, quite a few of those have turned into sales. Yeah! (Although I never really realized how much time it takes to pack a piece....) And I took 5 days to go to Chicago to visit the family. And I'm hanging a bunch of work in the Angel Fire Visitors Center through the end of this month, and Angel Fire ArtsSpace, the gallery here in town is hosting a special anniversary show called 7 Years, 7 Sensational Ladies and I'm one of those 7. And so, I am bringing some of my new oils to the gallery. Some won't be dry enough but some will and the reception will give me an opportunity to gauge the reaction to my works in a different medium. And so I am excited and anxious about it. So, December has been busy. But, now that it is just about too late to do any online shopping to ship back out, I'm not too worried about that part of the Christmas season. And now it is time to get down to some good studio time.

Yesterday was a big day in frustration. Although I'd painted some pretty big oils I was quite happy with: 30 by 40 & 36 square just before Thanksgiving, I'd forgotten a lot. So it made for a frustrating painting day. And unlike most times, when I tell myself I have to finish a piece, I left the one that I worked on yesterday for another time. Until I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with the oils. So today I got right to work and am super duper pleased with my progress. I think the night time one may be done and I don't have too much more to put into the other but since it was super dark I decided to stop. But I can't wait to get out there tomorrow. Unless I'm shoveling snow! And sometime I'll decorate that tree!

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  1. Looking good. A tip on photographing 'shiny' work - put it on the floor and point you tripod mounted camera down at it set to aperture. Light coming through studio windows does not flash over the surface.

    I too am in the studio painting in an effort to get a couple new pieces for the reception this Friday.


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