Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Artist Statement--take 2

A few days ago I posted about writing my artist statement. Well, it is due today and so it is going in as is. But, I know I have more work to do. I get stuck with descriptive phrases that I think are right--only when I dig a little deeper, I realize they are that artist "flower-y" sh--.

This is what will go with my photo and the 4 images that I juried in with. I really like art shows that take the time and effort to create such sophisticated websites. It is good for the exhibitors as well as for the patrons. Only I don't like the extra work.

I like the feel, the smell, and the look of oil pastels. I use these "buttery crayons" to create my whimsical landscapes. Drawing from sketches, snapshots, memory, and imagination, I loosely sketch the overall composition and then apply the oil pastels. Once most of the color is blocked in, I smudge, I rub, I scrape. Then I add more. And, the best part about the process: I get to do it again.

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