Monday, September 28, 2009

Wild Life

Yesterday I had some studio visitors. Some of the four legged, horned kind as in the picture above. They really liked what was left of my plants. But since we've had a pretty hard freeze, I didn't shoo them away. Let 'em eat their fill!

I also had a visit from some past clients, along with their older Wheaton terrier, Rufus, who was a real sweetie. They took home a large piece, which made my day!!!


  1. Congrats on the visitors, four and two legged. And the nice sale. BTW Wheaton's are one of my favorite dogs.

    I was thinking that the four legged creatures seem more than usual and recently had that confirmed with an article I read. The conditions in spring and summer allowed for successful breeding and over populations in deer, mice, skunks, elk, and porcupines. Oh, and spiders evidently.

    In my open meadow I seldom have problems with deer and elk but this year they have developed a new route down my road and across my property to and from Loggers Ridge.

  2. Usually we don't get a whole lot of deer coming through but I think there are a few more this year. And I certainly can't blame my wonderful gardening skills(not!) on enticing more to come through!


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