Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stars in Heaven!

I haven't posted any images of work lately. And it isn't like I haven't done any pieces lately. It is just the blogging blues. I think they'll go away when the snow does--more in the forecast tonight, btw.

So, instead of trying to be witty or artsy, I think I'll just show you a few of the pieces I finished this week. (See above.)


  1. End of summer, beginning of blahs. You ain't the only one.

  2. can I join the pity party? Cause I'm in the dumps too, although typically I love Fall the best so I'm thinking I have hormonal issues. Love the pictures - feel free to ship any unsellable duds my way!

  3. I want to join the party too. It's already cold in Denver but no snow (yet!). It's supposed to be 80 again on Saturday


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