Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Booth shot

These are some of the shots we took the other day. One with all black frames, one a combo of frameless and black frames and the other just the frameless. They are not touched up or manipulated at all--yet. I still can't decide which might be best. Any preferences, out there?


  1. They all look good to me. I kind of like the top one....more work displayed...but what do I know? We may swing by. If we do, we'll stop and say hi.

  2. I do think the real problem you have already addressed by not having any of your "under glass" work in any of the pictures.

    For just a display of your work at a fair I believe any of these work well but if you are talking of a booth photo to be submitted for entry into a juried fair I go with the top photo and no frames.

  3. Well since you asked... I prefer the top or bottom versions to the mixed middle one. I've only seen your work once in person, at Scottsdale last spring, and to me the top photo best conveys your vibe from that show. The bottom photo has a more "serious" feel, but I really like the way the traditonal black/gold frames set off your vibrant colors. The piece we bought is "under glass" but I do like your work best minus the glass. Hope you have a great show!


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