Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cold & Wet

Yesterday I spent some time watering some of my perennials so as to keep them alive. I admit it--I basically just torture my plants--give 'em enough water that they live but never thrive. And in this arid country, mother nature doesn't provide a lot of extra help. Except over the last 24 hours. It started raining last night about 7 or 8 o'clock and continued straight through the night and on and off today, all day. So, I'm not sure if mother nature provided the rain or if my watering efforts yesterday brought it on.

I've put away my turtlenecks, although kicking and screaming all the way (Rees says they are inappropriate attire after Memorial Day, like white shoes are after Labor Day) but when it is 52 degrees outside and the studio is only 56, a turtleneck would be a welcome accoutrement. Instead, a waffle weave shirt, warm wools socks and a fleece jacket were my work attire today (actually it is usually my attire at least until the day warms up--high altitude generally means pretty cold nights and not so very warm days.) Even so, at about 4 o'clock I realized my fingers were actually a bit stiff with cold. So I went in and enjoyed the fire Rees built in our family room fireplace to take the chill off. Ahhhh!!! I guess the thing to have done was build a fire in the studio early this morning. Who would have thought I'd need one on the first day of summer--after all, June is usually our warm month!


  1. so you are allowed to biuld a fire but not wear turtlenecks? tell rees that such fashion rules like no white shoes after Labor Day are out of style - anything goes at all times. As for wet, well, we have had at least some rain EVERYDAY for about 6 weeks. Everything here is very green, the rivers are raging, it is still super cool, and I think it is the universe rewarding me for having to still live in Steamboat. Sorry if the inclement weather found it's way down to you!

  2. Ed is wrong about the turtle necks. I wear them all year around if the weather merits though I go to a mock turtle in the height of summer. Great to keep mosquitoes off during the Eagle Nest Fireworks display on the 4th.

    And I certainly wished I had worn one of them yesterday at the Red River Wine and Art Festival. I frankly don't know when I have been so cold. My booth faced the time and temperature on the Conference Center and it got down to 48. I frankly think that is turtle neck weather and you can tell Ed I said so.

    Put the hose away, Jennifer, I want sunshine for the last day of the fair. Besides almost an inch of rain is enough already for while.

  3. Rees. Where did I get Ed from? We need an edit on comments. Oh, I know I just posted a blog on Ed Sandoval. Sorry.

  4. Good luck today, Jacqui! Supposed to be warm today and sunny!


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