Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back Home!

Sorry about not posting while I was on the road. I had an excuse for some of the time because we were up in Door County Wisconsin in between my two shows and there is no high speed internet up there. But, I did have time otherwise, I just got lazy.

Truth be told, the Chicago show in Hyde Park wasn't very good and I was a bit bummed about it. Horrible rainy cold weather, a bad spot at the show, and the not so wonderful economy made the show a very trying one. I did win an award and am invited back next year. And, I'll probably try it one more time. The show puts newbies in the alley and school yard and saves the street locations for veterans of the show. Next year should be a better location. On a positive note, mom's cousin Jonathan and his step daughter, Helen, came by the show, as did my Aunt Patty, Gary and cuz, Hillary. It was really nice to see all of them. I also saw an old high school friend, Dave Shannon, who was back for his 25th college reunion--yep, I'm that old! And Celeste and Dan came by and purchased a piece. Celeste worked with me at my first job out of college so I've known her 25 years too! Hard to believe.

And, I guess I was just tired. Between going out to the east coast and then back to Chicago and home, Rees & I have driven 7000 miles in the last 5 weeks. A little too much.

Salina, however, was full of warm fuzzies. It is a little town in Kansas but they put on a quite good art and music festival. The entire town comes out and participates! Way cool! And, my deepest thanks go out to Doc Steph and all her extra efforts to take JuneBug while we were at the show. My sales weren't spectacular but they were decent and the enthusiasm of the crowds just awesome. Plus the forecasted rain never came!

Now we're home for a while and I can post more appropriately. The pics above are of the Missouri river and of JuneBug and her sleeping spot in the van. We've removed the cup holder console so she has a few more inches.

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