Monday, June 29, 2009

Albuquerque Rocks!!!!

Rees & I returned from the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair late last night and are just about recuperated from the long-houred show and the tear down and drive home. I had been really disappointed when the show called to say that they had made an executive decision to move the entire show inside the Manual Lujan building. I'd always enjoyed being under the cottonwoods, enjoying the sometimes hot, sometimes warm afternoons, and generally enjoying being in New Mexico. Admittedly, the show has suffered from early monsoonal rains in the afternoon and some devastating winds. Still, to go inside a dark dreary state fair building for the entire weekend was not on my agenda. And, the Des Moines art festival (a much more prestigious show) had called and offered me a place off the waitlist. I declined. After all, Albuquerque is only 150 miles from home. Unlike Des Moines. I purchased a double booth at the show--since I wouldn't have the exta storage always afforded me by my outside spot-- and hoped for the best.

BEST!!! Is what it was. Although the overall crowds were light, my sales were really strong! It was really fun. And where I would have thought that demographically Albuquerque would be the most price sensitive market, it wasn't. I sold large pieces (plural is correct), medium pieces, and small ones. I even sold out of my new long skinny cradled boards--that's never happened before! Everyone was enthusiastic and it was worth every minute. So, thanks Albuquerque!!!!! You are the best. You've rejuvenated me and given me just the boost I needed to keep going! Can't wait to go back next year! Oh, and I couldn't help but snag a piece of art--an oil--by Addie Draper whose work is absolutely awesome!! Check her out:


  1. Your booth looked great. Congrats on your success!

  2. One of the highlights of my weekend was sitting there in my booth, watching all your work being hauled out toward the front door !!!!! OMG!

    This was my very fist show EVER and I sold eight pieces, not nearly a nice as yours of course I you, my dear must have surely been the hit of the show !!


  3. Paula--Congrats on your success as well. It is really nice to get affirmation the first time out!
    I didn't mention in my blog post but a great deal of my sales came from people to whom I'd sent a postcard about the show. I think mailing lists are great things to develop! Good luck!

  4. I admit I passed on this show after last year. Having some of us inside and some out did not work for me and no way was I going outside. So when I got the opportunity to do Red River Fine Arts and Wine festival instead I jumped at the chance.

    And my show rocked too! I certainly hope this means there is an upturn in the economy that both of us will see continue at Artsfest!

    Glad you did well. Glad I did well. Glad that the show moved entirely indoors due to the weather, but Red River is way closer to home and so I will likely do it next year too.

    Roll on art sales!

  5. Jennifer, glad Albq was a great show! You are one of my art heros.

    I was in Albq in mid-June, too bad my trip didn't coincide with the show, I would have stopped by. Maybe I'll drive over the hill to Crested Butte for that show. Not sure yet.


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