Monday, May 2, 2011

Oklahoma Festival of the Arts

 Me & Maximo Cortino
 Me & Barry Bernstein
 Robin Thompson in her winter parka
My triangular booth

Well, Rees & I made it through the grueling ordeal that was the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts.  It was my first ever 6 day show.  We experienced all the vagaries of Oklahoma weather in springtime: heat and sun, vicious winds, cold & rain.  Stir those up and you have the art show.  It was really quite an event.  The town really comes out and supports the event.  The food court had the best selection of show food ever! My sales were good, especially on higher priced items. I think it is a place where sales and clients build over time.  I met some good people, saw some great art and am pleased we made it through with dollars in our pockets and enough energy to get us back to Dallas for the next one:  Cottonwood, this weekend.    Thanks for everything, Oklahoma City!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We really enjoyed seeing you last Saturday. I hope you have better weather in Dallas.

  2. Hello Jennifer, I enjoyed meeting you and your husband at the OKC festival. Sorry the weather wasn't that great!


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