Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learn Something New

OMG! Two weeks since last posting.  Egads, I am bad.  This will be a short one.  But, I listened to a webinar put on by Xanadu gallery on photographing art work.  For the most part, I didn't learn a lot.  But, now that I have WIFI in my studio (Yippee!), I could listen to the webinar and frame at the same time.  Jason Horejs, the owner of Xanadu, has produced several very informative webinars: on gallery portfolio submissions (which I've never done but might have to one day, when I decide I can't keep up my frenetic travel pace), shipping art, etc.  This one was done with a panel of experts, along with Jason's own input.  And, while I knew most of what was covered, I learned this one little gem:

When you either have lost, or cannot find, or didn't take in the first place, a high quality photo of a piece of work that is framed behind glass, you can get a decent snapshot (certainly not for publication, etc) of the piece by simply situating the art in the sun, angled back only a few degrees, right at the shadow line from a building or some other straight structure.  I took some snaps of some pieces I had behind glass, sans good photographs to show people, and I think they turned out quite well.  The last 2 I had Rees' help and they worked best.  The first 2 worked ok.  But, it was difficult to practically lie on the ground (think hard core crunch) while balancing the painting between your feet, while keeping yourself and the camera still. I guess I should have had a picture of that, but then I would have just had Rees hold the painting. 

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