Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime Insanity

Let's face it. I've over scheduled my summer. I've got 7 shows (maybe 8 if Cherry Creek let me in) in 9 weeks. That is not counting this weekend--basically my "I can count on" one weekend off, this summer. Now, I've got one show right here in Angel Fire--still a show but I don't have to pack my clothes or find someone to take care of the dog. And then a lot of these shows are relatively close by--Boulder at 6 hours, Breckenridge at 5, Crested Butte at about 4 or 5. Then, we head to Park City, Utah. I've heard good things about the show but have not ever done it. Usually it is the same weekend as Crested Butte show but somehow the calendar gods worked in my favor (or not, depending on how I am feeling at that point in the summer) and I have the ability to do both. Then, instead of coming home, we'll head directly up to Sun Valley, Idaho--a show that is a complete pleasure to do. I hope to get a little fishing and hiking in, in between those shows. So, anyway, now you know I am crazy. But, I'm an artist, right? Aren't we all crazy? Then, I've slotted 2 weekends to be home so I can enjoy Music From Angel Fire's season, almost in entirety. And my old college friend, Jim, is coming out from Philly for a few concerts. I'll miss the last concert or two because we'll be at a show in Santa Fe. I'm still trying to decide how many shows to do in September and will have to decide soon. I guess it sort of depends on how I am selling. But, I get a charge out of each show I do--meeting the people who like the work, selling work and interacting with peeps. Since my life in the studio is a bit solitary--I do eat lunch with Rees and JuneBug occasionally graces me with her presence--she splits her time between the studio and Rees' office--the shows provide a little human interaction!!!

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