Friday, June 4, 2010

New Mexico is Home

Sorry for my quiet. My bad. Off to Zihuatanejo, MX for a week with some dear friends at a fabulous villa. Great food, times, music and fun. Then up to Door County Wisconsin with my folks, Rees & Bug and my 96 year old grandmother, Evie. It was where we vacationed every summer when I was a child. Flooded with memories of good times, I enjoyed the visit. And the barns. But, with still a week or so to go in the Chicago area, I must say I really miss the mountains--and my studio. I am expecting an actual explosion of work once I return. I've got a ton of ideas--just hope they transfer to the panel/paper well!
PS I'm sure the barns will show up in some of my pieces but I doubt the palm trees will!
PPS I hate to admit it but I missed internet access (and cell phone coverage in both places)!

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