Friday, October 30, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I actually have been painting--just not as fast as I sometimes do--but I've been working with some new color schemes and am actually quite pleased. Here's a sampling of the panels I've completed this week.


  1. Like the yellow sky! Are you finding the long thin panel popular with your customers?

  2. It's Sunday morning. My husband and I are sitting here sipping our coffee, and curious minds need to know.............

    Up there in Angel Fire, you aren't exactly in the most convenient location.

    Where do you guys shop? For like, food. I'm guessing you have to plan. Once a month shopping day? Taos? Espanola? Santa Fe?

  3. I love these sizes. I've been using 12 x 24 birch cradle panels from Dick Blick. I've been admiring this size for a long time.

    Do you use oil pastel, exclusively?????? I use it as accent mostly over acrylic, but I just been wondering.

    Would love to do a studio visit with you but now that the snow is flying, well, I'm not so wild about the drive.

  4. I haven't bmeant to not be responding--thought I was, in fact. Jacqui--Long skinnies seem to be popular, especially for those people whose walls are kind of full of art! Paula- We shop wherever--a little local grocery is sgetting better stuff in all the time--like real bread--not the wonder bread kind of stuff. But we'll definitely stop at Sam's when we go to SF. As for other shopping, it is ususally a planned trip--although I am learning that sometimes it is just easier to shop online (where I do most all my art supply shopping.) We also shop on our way home from shows--at whatever grocery we happen to be passing. We do buy in bulk--I'm hoping my coffee supply will hold out until our Santa Fe trip this weekend, where we're meeting one of my old college friends for dinner....
    The pieces start with a layer of brushed on colored gesso --matiss derivan background colors mixed with some transparent gesso. Then all oil pastels (occasional highlights with oil sticks are included on a some pieces....)

  5. I like the skinnies too. Ive been working on 6x12 gallery wrap from Dick Blick. What are your panels (shown in your picture) make of? Some times I cut clear pine panels also. I work in acrylic. What do you use to protect your oil pastels when you're not using glass?



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