Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Texas State Fair

Well, I forgot my camera so you can't see Big Tex on my blog but he was there, presiding over the Great Texas State Fair. Just so you know: I consumed 2 Fletcher's corny dogs, 1/3 order of chicken fried bacon, 1/3 order of fried peaches and cream (the award winning food this year), a lemonade, and a bite of caramel apple. I may never, ever eat anything fried again! (Probably an overstatement, but I definitely got my fill--seeing as I had started this fried thing the day before when I had a half of a fried oreo at the art show.) Probably didn't help that Rees & Laird made me go on a twirly ride that made me really dizzy! If you are anywhere close to Dallas--go to the fair. It is fun!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad & Gail!!!!!!

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