Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is upon us.  Time to think about and to give thanks!
I'm thankful I get to do what I love to make a living. 
I'm thankful I have a patient husband who is supportive and willing to help with this crazy dream of mine.
I'm thankful for my wonderful dog and her acceptance of my crazy road schedule... and will be even more thankful when her legs have healed and she is back to her active self.
I'm thankful for my family, supporting me in my life, as an artist and in general.
I'm thankful for my local friends who put up with my long absences.
I'm thankful for my art show friends who live this life along with me.
I'm thankful for my online friends who encourage and comment.
I'm thankful for the shows that have me participate.
I'm (begrudgingly sometimes) thankful for the shows that don't so I have more to aspire to.
I'm thankful for the galleries that represent me.  I do appreciate your efforts (and your enthusiasm!)
I'm thankful for my clients and fans! I couldn't be doing this without you!
I'm thankful for my muse, who sits with me day after day in my studio, providing more ideas to pursue than I'll ever have time for.
I'm thankful for my love of what I do.
And I'm thankful to know this is a wonderful thing.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

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