Saturday, January 8, 2011

36 inch square Oil

The past couple of days I spent working with my oils again. I'm getting more relaxed about the color mixing and am actually having some fun. I haven't yet decided if this piece is totally done but, if it is not, it is close.


  1. interesting work in progress...
    I find it amazing that you can see the end result where as I look at the first picture and give up hope that it will become something.

    Someday when I have money you will be commissioned to do a Bethlehem night manger scene. I've said it before but dang sister, you own the night.

  2. Enjoyed seeing the process on this oil painting. Does it vary a lot from the oil pastel layering of colors and image?

  3. Thanks! I meant to reverse the images for the fb import but forgot. The starting point really doesn't give the viewer much info about what the piece will be. Jacqui--a tad different. Although the application of night sky is very similar. Still working and wondering what all the other differences will be. Ont he large scale, the oils really are easier on my hands when depicting the skies!


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