Friday, September 17, 2010

Do You Have a Favorite?

Today one of my collectors responded to an email I sent that had included about 9 new images of new art for his review. He said he and his wife like several of them a lot but they wanted to know which were my favorites before they decided. And, I was stumped. Because I don't really have favorites.

I'll be thrilled with a certain element of a piece or a solution to a mistake/technical difficulty. Or I'll like the way two new colors lay nicely next to each other, maybe with a hint of a third color--ones I haven't used together before. But, over all, I don't have favorites. I realize that certain pieces look good together when grouped together--for instance, these starker single structure pieces like the piece above.

So when my collector asked, I really couldn't answer right away. If I were the one acquiring a piece of art, I'd pick the one I liked the best--not caring a hoot if the artist liked it a lot or not. But, while my walls are chock full of art, I wouldn't put myself in the collector category. So, maybe this guy has something. Maybe he thinks that the piece (s) I like best will lead my work in that direction and he will have a "first off". I don't know--but now I have to sit and look at the images I sent him and try to figure out which one is my favorite---I'm thinking it is sort of like picking an ice cream flavor--there are definite ones I wouldn't order but many I'd be happy with. Which is why, on the very few occasions when I go to get an ice cream (I'm weird and only like ice cream when it is below 75 and above 45 degrees outside), I take forever trying to chose my flavor. Cuz I like a lot of them.

If you are an artist and read this blog, do you have favorite pieces of your own work? Do you know why you like them? Just curious.

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