Monday, December 14, 2009

I've Been Scammed! (Almost)

Tis the season for lots of holiday purchase inquiries. that I like. So, when one came to me via email about 2 specific pieces on my web site, complete with improper grammar (okay, so mine's perfect! but it sure is better than "Lynda Davis"), I was wary but not totally sure it was a scam. We've emailed back and forth a couple of times, and I've asked her to call me so we can discuss....."she" continues to write back and has now, just this very morning, told me she is pregnant, in London at her twin sister's wedding and that she and her husband are moving from NJ to Johannesburg, South Africa and that she'll have her cartage people arrange for pickup of the works by fedex. A little too much going on for me. At this point, I googled "art scam foreign twin sister London" and found an art post that mentioned the exact same scam and had the exact same email with identical wording, bad spelling, bad grammar, and all. I won't be responding to her last request and know I won't be hearing from her via the phone, but if I do, won't that be fun? In the meantime, I wonder if there is any one I should alert?


  1. wow. that is one seriously complex back story for the scam. And I swear it wasn't me trying to wrangle free pictures. Although I kind of wish I had thought of it first, haha! can't wait to see you in two weeks!

  2. The scam definitely would have gotten a tad further if she had left out a few of the complexities. I've been listening to christmas carols all day. Tomorrow I think I'm going to make a snow dog--snow men are so passe! We can't wait to come see you!

  3. Posting her is good to let all the other artists linked in with you what is going on. I know Katherine has had some experience with scams and may have even reported it up the feeding chain.

    The FBI for a while had a division going. You had to have the original e-mail still in tact so they could have the entire "header/routing" info most which we don't see. Chances it was a man in Nigeria and not a woman in London.

  4. Hey Jen:

    I've also received several of these scam inquiries. They are phishing for lots of unsuspecting artists through flattery and promises of great purchases. I always like to ask them how they first became aware of a show, through a friend, etc. That usually stops them right away.

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Warm woolen wishes to you, Rees and JuneBug!

  5. That is crazy! I hate scammers. Always wanting something for nothing.


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