Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've gotten a few panels finished and am hoping they are dry enough to take with me on my next trip. We head up to Crested Butte, Colorado this weekend and then on to Sun Valley, Idaho. We still haven't decided if we'll come home in between or just meander up to Idaho. Coming home adds a full day of driving to the mix but it does allow me 2 days at home--read with my dog, Bug, with the possibility of picking up some of the panels after Crested Butte. Right now coming home sounds like the reasonable plan but I wonder how I'll feel about it Sunday night, after being at the show for 8 hours, breaking down the booth and having a five hour drive to look forward to.


  1. I'm so sorry we aren't still there for you to swing by and visit!

  2. Was at Artspace Gallery yesterday and got the news that you are the first Angel Fire artist in almost three decades whose work will be featured on a Music from Angel Fire poster. Congrats! Amazing milestone.

    For the first time in my two decades of supporting MFAF I am actually going to purchase a poster.

  3. Kate--If you'd only timed your move to coordinate with our schedule!
    Jacqui--Thanks and I know MFAF will appreciate any extra support they can get his year.I guess I should post about it.

  4. Yes, do post about it. Time to toot your own horn as it were, Jennifer. You have broken an extreme barrier. That music from Angel Fire never had an Angel Fire artist on its posters is something which upset most of us.

    And it is a welcome sign that artists in Angel Fire are beginning to be taken seriously. Not necessary to have a Taos address.


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